About Krabi

Discover what it is about Krabi which attracts so many visitors to its shores every year. Thailand is an increasingly popular holiday destination, attracting tourists annually from across the globe. Situated in the heart of South East Asia, The Land of Smiles is popular with Europeans and Russian’s, who enjoy the freedom of tropical paradise and the fantastic weather to match. Many people travel from Australia too and some travel from as far as North and South America.

The province of Krabi, on the Andaman coast of Thailand, has long been shadowed by the more famous Thai beach destinations such as Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui. These, however, display a completely different outlook onto Thai culture and as these places grow ever more crowded, the natural charms of Krabi have been attracting an increasing number of holiday makers. Many who visit this part of Thailand say there is something extra special about Krabi, compared to other destinations. Located 800 kilometres south of Bangkok, Krabi Province is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Classic virgin beaches fringed with staggering limestone cliff formations, are but a few jaw dropping beauties that capture the rustic, true essence of Southern Thailand.

Krabi, as a province, includes over 150 islands, all brimming with possibilities and various recreational opportunities. Dominated by scenic limestone terrain and beautiful secluded beaches, it is fast becoming one of the most attractive destinations in the world. These southern paradise shores attract people of all generations; young party goers, active travellers and holiday makers travelling with their families. Whether it’s a beach holiday you’re seeking or an adventure packed trip, Thailand is brimming with tourist attractions, fabulous resorts, backpacker hostels and memorable escapades to last a lifetime.

Backpackers, fresh out of college, are ready for fun and adventure, commonly bringing them to the province of Krabi either for a chill out at a local reggae haunt or to rock climb. Across Thailand, you will also find expats who work in the bars and resorts. Many Western expats have settled in Krabi and now call it their home.

Dream Destination

It’s really no surprise that so many people rave about Krabi and dream about visiting the place. With its pristine beaches, blue lagoons, soft golden sands, waterfalls, caves and dense jungles, nature lovers and beach babes will be in heaven. Towering cliffs of limestone and caves with stalactites and stalagmites centuries old also make up the landscape of Krabi Province. Krabi’s beautiful coastline is one of the province’s most attractive assets with small coves and corals like nowhere else in the world.

If you have not yet visited South East Asia, you will be shocked at the raw beauty of Krabi’s coastline. Krabi boasts beaches, reachable only by boat, that stretch out into deep turquoise waters from a deep and lush jungle on land. Beaches such as Tonsai and Railay are recognised as some of the best beaches in Asia. Although Railay is actually part of the Krabi mainland, it has a distinct island feel, as the peninsula is surrounded by high cliffs. Jurassic jungle vibes leave people breathless as there is so much to take in. Palms and trees sporting huge leaves surround the beaches sandy shores, giving the ultimate Jurassic jungle vibes. Awesome nature walks from one beach to another through jungles keep tourists busy and photo opportunists hail Ao Nang and Railay for being so picturesque. Happy snaps of a tropical paradise will leave relatives in awe of your adventures. Whether you are cliff climbing, beach hopping or cave delving, you will notice the other worldly feel of Krabi Province.

The South of Krabi Town includes stretches of mangrove trees along the coast with breaks of beaches, rimmed with coral. Natural forest cover is mainly mangrove and Cassia trees, though Krabi’s sandy clay soil conditions are perfect for a variety of agricultural products. Across the years, there have been a number of plantations created, which include, rubber trees, palms, oranges, coffee and coconut plantations.


Sightseeing is a great way to learn about Krabi and its surround islands. It is an enchanting place and often described as one of the most glorious tourist destinations in the world. The beauty of Krabi lies in the serenity of its many relaxing beach resorts, many designed with a beach view or quaint bungalows set back into the jungle. Krabi is also home to Ao Nang, which is a protected National Park, brimming with nature and beauty.

If you prefer to spend a day on dry land, there are many sight-seeing activities on the mainland. You can get lost in a world wandering around Krabi Town. It gives great insight into Thai culture, with its bustling morning market, which happens to be the largest market in southern Thailand. There are also pretty riverside walks and hundreds of little shops to look around. Even if your cash flow doesn’t allow for extravagant buying, you can still enjoy window shopping as there is such a diverse range of things to look at.

There are stores selling clothing, some western style and many eastern style clothes also, which are often made from quirky fabrics printed with elephants or peacock feathers. Backpackers love to shop at Krabi town as they can be kitted out to look like a hippy wearing scarves and harem pants for next to nothing. The cost of attire in Krabi is usually very reasonable and you are able to barter for discounts with the Thai shopkeepers, who are super friendly in the province. Further shops lace Krabi town with souvenirs; beautiful wooden carvings of elephants, incense holders, table mats, usual wine holders, trinkets and boxes, handmade soaps shaped like orchids and lots more authentic handmade delights. Jewellery stores also masquerade the stores of Krabi town. You can find anything from genuine silver with crafted gems and jewels to leather bound and macramé crystals. Depending on what you are looking for, there is plenty to browse at and choose from.