Best Time to Visit Krabi – Weather & Seasons

Thailand, as a part of South East Asia has a very different climate to that of Europe or the US. Rather than being split into the usual four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the weather tends to be split into only three seasons; wet, hot and cool. The climate of Thailand is controlled by tropical monsoon rain showers. Generally speaking you can say that it is hot and humid across most of the country throughout the year, especially during the rainy season, but it would be wise to understand when the best time to visit Krabi is, to help make your holiday run a little smoother.

The southern, coastal region of Thailand, which includes Krabi Province, has only two seasons – wet and dry. For those planning a beach holiday, this is never really a problem as the two southern coastlines have slightly different rainy seasons, allowing holiday makers to find sunshine on beaches nearly all year round.

The Andaman and west coast, where Krabi, Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands lie, generally experience the southwest monsoon and heavy storms from July to October. The Gulf of Thailand and east coast on the other hand, where Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao lie, tend to get most of their rainfall between September and December. Generally speaking though, being a tropical haven, the Province of Krabi experiences high temperatures all year round.

The driest month of the year is February, with temperatures averaging around 30° and December, January and March are also fairly dry. For rock climbers and beach goers alike, this is probably the best time to visit Krabi weather wise.

As opposed to experiencing continuous drizzling weather for days, like in Europe, the rainy season typically consists of flash-flood afternoon downpours. You can really tell you are in the tropics when it rains, as it pours down fast and furiously, but not always for extended periods of time. Sometimes the rain storms can last half an hour while others disappear within a matter of minutes. During the wet season the seas can get fairly rough at times and the winds can get quite strong too. But on the plus side, accommodation options can be very cheap during this period, which is great for anyone on a tight budget, and you’re almost guaranteed a peaceful stay in Krabi as there are a lot less people visiting during these months.