Getting Around Krabi

There are various different ways of getting around Krabi. All the options are fairly inexpensive, but some are a little more convenient than others. With a population of 25,000, Krabi’s town is a relaxed place, which is pleasant enough for travellers to spend a night or two and then move along to Ao Nang or the other coastline beach resorts. The best way for getting around Krabi town would be on foot or by hopping on a taxi bike. This way you can stop and look at anything that takes your interest along the route, plus you really get to mingle with the local people which is all part of the Thailand experience.

Krabi Town is enjoyable to walk around, but if you are planning to visit its nearby beaches such as Railay or Tonsai, it is recommended you get a boat as this guarantees a quick and easy transfer. It is possible to trek depending on the weather, but if you are carrying luggage, a 1 ½ hour trek through the jungle is not the ideal way to arrive. The trek however, is great should you feel like an adventure. Hikers and climbers quite often trek back over the mainland once they have settled into their accommodation on the beach. There is only one ATM on Tonsai Beach so it’s common for people to trek back and forth to reach the shops and banks, without having to pay the cost of a boat.

Ao Nang is a central point of the coastal province of Krabi. The town is dominated by the main street, which has an array of appealing restaurants, bars and shops; all brimmed with souvenirs and traditional Thai ornaments. The main beach is used by sunbathers’ and holiday makers, but there are a large number of long tail boats along this stretch which offer access to neighbouring beaches on the mainland and nearby islands.


Whose name literally means ‘two rows’ is a passenger vehicle commonly used across Thailand. It is a cleverly adapted pick-up truck with a roof, which is used as a share taxi or bus.  These local buses or songthaews run from early in the morning, throughout the day up until late at night. These are probably the handiest means of getting around Krabi since you can pick them up pretty much anywhere along the road, you just have to put out your arm and flag one down, much like a taxi service.

Taxi cars are the preferred method of transport for many holiday makers getting around Krabi as a family or with young children. If you are planning to take a day trip and have your sights set on visiting specific places, it is a good idea to hire a taxi for the day. You can take a taxi car with the driver as a guide on a daily basis. This usually cost between 1,500 and 2,500 baht depending on how many people are in the car, how long you wish to hire the taxi for and where you plan to go.

Motorbike taxis are used a lot by locals and tourists alike for getting around Krabi. Motorbike taxis can also be found in Krabi Town and are a fast, be it hair-raising, way to get around. The drivers in Krabi wear high-vis coloured vests, which indicate they are taxi drivers. Read more about Krabi’s taxi services…..

Car & Motorcycle Hire

Rent a car is a great way of getting around krabi and you’ll be able to explore independently with the whole family. If you are taking regular day trips and traveling as a family or group, renting a car is ideal as you don’t have to keep to a time schedule and you are able to explore the area at your own leisure. Renting a car is also a safe and more comfortable option, and if you are with a group, you can share the cost.  Prices for an average 4WD can start from around 1,200 baht per day, including insurance and with unlimited mileage. A few hundred baht extra will get you a much better maintained vehicle with an international company such as Budget or National.

Motorbike hire is perfect for travellers who wish to have their own independence for getting around Krabi. For exploration further afield and a little adventure over hills and through the town, there are numerous private companies renting motorbikes for decent prices. Remember, should you damage the motorbike during the hire period, you will be expected to pay for the damages – no excuses. Read more about rental a car or motorbike in Krabi…..

Longtail Boat

Longtail boats are another popular way for getting around Krabi. If you are visiting Krabi Province, there is no way you will not want to check out its fine beaches and limestone cliffs and coves. Most of these are not accessible by land and there are up to 150 islands you may like to visit too. Therefore, the best way to get around Krabi’s beautiful coastline is by boat, and for a credible Thai experience, the longtail boat is the way to go. Read more about getting around by longtail boats…..


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