Krabi Taxis

Krabi taxis come in a few different forms of transport. Firstly is the songthaew – whose name literally means ‘two rows’ is a passenger vehicle commonly used across Thailand. It is a cleverly adapted pick-up truck with a roof, which is used as a share taxi or bus. These local buses or songthaews run from early in the morning, throughout the day up until late at night. These are probably the handiest means of getting around Krabi since you can pick them up pretty much anywhere along the road, you just have to put out your arm and flag one down, much like a taxi service. They follow particular routes and go across the district, making their way in and out of the town at regular intervals. They are an excellent way of making a day trip into or out of Krabi Town as they are easily accessible, plus you get to experience authentic Thai-style travel, traveling with locals and experiencing Thai culture. If you are keen to mix with the locals, maybe even try speaking a little Thai, you have to try a songtheaw.

There are actual bus stops, or points of pick up where Krabi taxis / songtheaws will always stop, but if you see one passing by and need a ride while you’re on the side of the road, don’t hesitate to flag one down, they will always stop for you. The price from Ao Nang to Krabi Town is roughly 50THB per journey and traveling small distances can sometimes be cheaper, although drivers often try to give tourists a higher rate should they be traveling in big groups. If there is a particular destination you are planning towards, make sure you have a word with the driver prior the journey to make sure they take you to the right place. Bear in mind, not all drivers speak English so well and other foreign languages are limited. Should you be aiming for a particular location, your hotel for instance, it is recommended to take a business card or something that marks the address. This will make travel much easier and save the job or trying to translate or pronounce words correctly.

Songtheaws are great for 10 minute journeys, nipping here and there especially if you are traveling with children who get tired walking in the heat. They are also a fine way to travel with luggage. There is space in the centre of the truck between the two rows for bags and the driver will also strap suitcases and luggage onto the roof. We certainly think this is the best way to get around Krabi if you are not travelling long distances.

Krab taxi cars are the preferred method of transport for many holiday makers getting around Krabi as a family or with young children. If you are planning to take a day trip and have your sights set on visiting specific places, it is a good idea to hire a taxi for the day. You can take a taxi car with the driver as a guide on a daily basis. This usually cost between 1,500 and 2,500 baht depending on how many people are in the car, how long you wish to hire the taxi for and where you plan to go.

As a rough guide, you can expect to pay about 600 baht to travel to Ao Nang from the airport. To Krabi Town from the airport is about 500 baht and to Phuket from Krabi is around 2,500 baht. Prices may vary of course depending on the seasons and other factors. There is a board with a price list outside Haagen-Dazs on the Beach Road, or at the entry to Ao Nang Soi 8, at the other side of the beach. It’s worth checking this out if you’re in the area before hand.

Motorbike taxis are used a lot by locals and tourists alike for getting around Krabi. Motorbike taxis can also be found in Krabi Town and are a fast, be it hair-raising, way to get around. The drivers in Krabi wear high-vis coloured vests, which indicate they are taxi drivers. They wear a helmet and will also carry a spare helmet for you to wear. The drivers will take you anywhere you need to go, but again, don’t expect perfect spoken English from them. It is always recommended to have written down where you want to go, or if you know already you can simply gesture and give directions. If you can’t find a business card for your location, stop at a local shop prior and ask if a Thai person would mind writing down in Thai the place you want to go. This makes it a lot easier for you and the driver.

Motorbike taxis are ideal for those traveling alone or in a pair. Although it seems like a bit of a squeeze, the motorbike drivers are sound drivers and will often take two people on their bike. It’s best to negotiate a price before getting on the bike as locals will often try to inflate the price, just in case you are willing to pay that little bit more. Overall, prices are not too bad considering you are taken fast and efficiently to your location.

In Ao Nang Beach, there are also other forms of Krabi taxis – small minivans, named tuk-tuks, and motorbike sidecar taxis, which are called samlors. You will find these everywhere and they will take you most places in the local vicinity for 20-50 baht per person. Because they charge per person, it is wise not to load too many people into the sidecar as they are not very stable – for more than 2 passengers, take 2 Krabi taxis, even if the driver insists it’s safe.


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