Bus to Krabi

If you are a keen backpacker, a great option for making your way across Thailand is to take the bus to Krabi. Thailand’s travel system is designed towards making travellers comfortable, allowing for stress free, affordable options. The bus to Krabi leaves from the Southern Bus Terminal on Boromratch Chonnani Road in Bangkok. Most take the night buses, which cost between 600-920 THB, depending on whether you would like VIP.

It takes around 10 hours, and the bus driver rests at designated stops, allowing for travellers to take a break and maybe get something to eat. VIP tickets include food and water on the bus, though many still like to stop to get snacks and stretch their legs. The benefit of taking the bud, though its longer than flying is that you don’t have to be caught up in a time schedule. Tickets are usually easy to get and you don’t need to book in advance.

Although it’s an easy option, that’s not to say there are no delays here and there – when travelling South East Asia, especially Thailand it is highly recommended to drop any expectations for good time keeping. Thai culture, which is heavily influenced by the philosophy of Buddhism, means that nothing is to be done in a hurry. It can be quite common to wait for a bus that is delayed. Quite often they make up for lost time by driving incredibly fast, but since the Thai culture is so relaxed, you are guaranteed to always feel safe.

Getting to Krabi via a minivan will depend where you are coming from. The minivan services are also a good option and follow similar routes to the larger buses. For families with big loads, it would be wise to use a train or fly to Krabi as there is little space for suitcases or big bags, but for backpackers who have come off the beaten track, a pick up by minivan offers good timing and value for money.

Whether you’re in the south of Trang, Nakhon Si Thammarat, western islands or another province in the south, there are mini bus stations around most towns and cities, which will give you options to travel to Krabi Town easily. Thai people often travel this way as there are so many vans going daily. The first vans normally leave around 6am; they go every hour and finish at about 4pm. If you are a regular backpacker, you will be able to spot these small discreet shops quite easily. If not, simply ask one of the many minivan drivers where the ticket office is. There are normally very helpful and will speak basic English.


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