Krabi Attractions

Krabi is now one of the top locations in Thailand to experience the true essence of what the Southern coast has to offer. If you are backpacking across Asia, the chances are you have heard already about the countless beautiful attractions there are to see in Krabi. Tales of adventure and excitement have no doubt been spread among travellers with details of its famous limestone cliffs, wonderfully relaxed vibe and its islands’ pristine beaches. The variety of Krabi attractions is just one of the many reasons so many tourists flock to this part of Thailand every single year. Whether you choose to make your own way around the province, or opt for guided tours, your stories about the various Krabi attractions will be the talking point wherever you go for many months afterwards.

On the mainland, there are two predominantly national parks, Khao Phanom Bencha and Than Bokk-Horani, which offer inland scenic attractions including waterfalls and gorgeous caves, and opportunities for trekking and eco-friendly tours. Nature here is like nowhere else with some of the most amazing limestone rock formations accessible to man. Many small limestone islands offer a chance to peek into an amazing underwater world and neighbouring national parks that boast hot springs and crystal pools.

The islands around Krabi’s coastline, lined with palm trees, beaches and rocks are a haven for sightseeing tourists. Such beauty and magnitude harbours energy like no other. Mind blowing landscapes are nature’s finest in the Krabi Province. Many of the islands boast virtually untouched grounds. You can choose to hire a brightly coloured, wooden long tail boat to experience the true essence of Thailand, or to head out to sea on a luxury speedboat. Island hopping along this coastline is probably one of the most popular Krabi attractions, plus everyone can do it.

Trips can be booked a day in advance and you will find options of guided tours to be relatively cheap, often around 800-1,000 baht mark. Organised tours are handy as they insure a good lunch is provided, often allowing you to try favourable and authentic Thai cuisine. There are always tour guides who speak the local language, as well as English and they are usually a fountain of knowledge, always happy to share their stories and experiences with you. Many of the island hopping tours will include National Park entry fees and free use of snorkelling equipment.

As one of most well recorded historical towns of Thailand, Krabi has museums filled with ancient artefacts and history that paint an informative and colourful picture of how the province has developed over time. A highly recommended day tour is the three hour town tour, which takes you to a number of historical sites. You will be taken to the Tiger Cave Temple, which is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the province. The temple is home to a huge gold leaf Buddha statue and is well known for tiger paw prints on the walls of the cave. After visiting the Buddhist Wat, you will ascend 1,237 steps to a jaw dropping viewpoint which captures the beauty of Krabi and its limestone cliffs.

If you have never visited a fish farm, you will surely enjoy Tapom Nemo Fish Farm where thousands of fish flap on the surface of the water when you feed them. Towards the end of the tour, you will spend leisurely time at Nopparat Thara Beach, a local favourite, which is the perfect place to relax and wind down after such a busy day exploring Krabi town.