Krabi Restaurants and Cafes

Generally speaking, Krabi restaurants and cafes all offer a mix of local Thai food with some western favourites. Being a popular tourist destination with influences from all around the world, Krabi has seen a steady growth of varying eateries that cater well for everyone and all occasions.

Since the culture of eating in Thailand is so different to that of the Western world, to enjoy a true authentic experience of the Land of Smiles, it is highly recommended to try dining the way locals choose to dine at least once. Thai culture values eating as a time to share and connect with friends and family. As opposed to ordering an individual meal, having everything served at the same time and then polishing off the dish fast and furiously; local Thai’s do it quite different.

Usually they prepare a kind of banquet to serve the entire group or family. If a group of locals go for dinner at a restaurant, the likelihood is they will make a night of it. Usually at a Thai club or bar they will order various different dishes of food and wash it down with a bottle of local whiskey (often Sangsom) or soda water. The event will go on all evening with food arriving sporadically throughout the night. This is a great way to dine if you are in a group on a budget because it means you can explore the menu ordering several different style dishes without an overpriced bill at the end. You can split the cost at the end between the group and usually have food and drink for something as little as 250 baht.

Thai culture is very laid back, which can be a test for hot headed Westerners with high expectations for a rich and classic dining experience. The best thing to do is to let down your guard; release the idea of having any expectations met – the Western world has different ideals to that of the East; how you believe a meal should be served and prepared is not the same as back home. Food is usually served as it is prepared, with no urgency to arrive to the table at the same time. The culinary delights of Thailand are an adventure playground of flavours and textures so be open to try with a smile and so long as you’re not too sensitive to spice, we’re sure you will enjoy everything.

Seafood lovers will be in their element in Krabi as it is a fishing town, which means you are guaranteed the very best of Thailand’s seafood for every meal. A large number of Krabi restaurants and cafes serve up some of the tastiest seafood delights for very reasonable prices.

There are a host of slightly more lavish restaurants along the beaches of Railay and near the blue lagoon. These tend to be a little more expensive than most as they are located in the prime tourist areas, but you won’t mind paying a little extra – the portions are always large and the views are picturesque. As you dine you can appreciate the relaxing ambiance and great music, gazing out across the beautiful clear crystal waters reflecting the sunlight at sunset.

The majority of people from the west can’t handle the true spice of Southern Thailand. Thai’s and Burmese like their dishes spicy ‘mak mak’, which means very hot, almost burning the sensory nerves on your tongue kind of hot. So bare this in mind should you choose to dine at a rustic Thai style eatery. The majority of dining houses which commonly welcome tourists already know Westerners are not so used to spice, so they will typically cool it down with less chilli or at least ask whether you would like spice or not.