About Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is a province on southern Thailand’s west coast. The region is characterised by craggy, rugged limestone cliffs rising dramatically from the Andaman Sea. Home to more than 100 offshore islands and acres of lush green rainforest, Krabi is one of Thailand’s most famous holiday destinations. Krabi’s stunning landscape, tropical climate and paradisaical beaches attract visitors all year round. The natural beauty of this region combined with it’s unmistakable laid back vibe ensure tourists return time and time again.

Many who visit this part of Thailand say there is something extra special about Krabi, compared to other destinations. Located 800 kilometres south of Bangkok, Krabi Province is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Classic virgin beaches fringed with staggering limestone cliff formations are just a few of its jaw dropping attractions.

These southern paradise shores attract people of all generations. From young party goers and active travellers to holiday makers and young families. Whether it’s a beach holiday you’re seeking or an adventure packed trip, Krabi is packed full with attractions, fabulous resorts, backpacker hostels and memorable escapades to last a lifetime.

Dream Destination

Those who have been lucky enough to visit Krabi rave about the place, whilst others dream about visiting this beautiful part of Thailand. Pristine white sand beaches, blue lagoons, cascading waterfalls and enchanting caves and jungles are everywhere. Nature lovers and beach babes will be in heaven. Towering limestone cliffs and caves decorated with stalactites and stalagmites are evidence of centuries old landscape. Krabi’s beautiful coastline is one of the province’s most attractive assets. Small caves and coral reefs teaming with marine life are unlike anywhere else in the world.


Krabi boasts beaches, reachable only by boat, that are more beautiful than anything else you have witnessed before. Soft sand stretching from the dense, rich green jungle into deep turquoise waters. Beaches such as Tonsai and Railay are recognised as some of the best beaches in Asia.

Railay Beach is actually part of the Krabi mainland, but has a distinct island feel. The peninsula is surrounded by cliffs so high you feel like you’re on a desert island. Jurassic jungle vibes leave people breathless as there is so much to take in. Palms and trees sporting huge leaves surround the sandy shores, giving the ultimate jurassic jungle vibes. Awesome nature walks from one beach to another through almost untouched jungle will have amaze you. Photo opportunists hail Ao Nang and Railay for being so picturesque. Happy snaps of a tropical paradise will leave relatives in awe of your adventures. Whether you are cliff climbing, beach hopping or cave delving, you will love Krabi.

The South of Krabi Town includes stretches of mangrove trees along the coast with breaks of beaches, rimmed with coral. Natural forest cover is mainly mangrove and Cassia trees, though Krabi’s sandy clay soil conditions are perfect for a variety of agricultural products. Across the years, there have been a number of plantations created, which include, rubber trees, palms, oranges, coffee and coconut plantations.

Things To Do

Spend a day on dry land and explore the lush dense jungle or visit historical landmarks and temples. Take a stroll around Krabi Town. The town provides a great insight into Thai culture. Bustling morning markets packed full with food, clothes, souvenirs and lots of things you can’t even identify. Krabi town is home to one of the largest markets in southern Thailand. There are also pretty riverside walks and hundreds of little shops to look around. Even if your cash flow doesn’t allow for extravagant buying, you can still enjoy looking. The colours and smells are fascinating and so diverse.