Krabi Restaurants, Markets & Cafes

Generally speaking, in Krabi restaurants and cafes offer a wide mix of local Thai cuisine, western dishes as well as meat alternatives and healthy options. Krabi is a holiday destination which over the years has been greatly influences from other countries around the globe. Today, tourists can not only enjoy delicious Thai food at Krabi restaurants and markets, but also find lots of alternatives. If you’re missing a taste of home, are vegan or vegetarian, you’ll be well catered for too.

Thai culture tends to be a little more laid back than the western world. Service at some Krabi restaurants can be slow and when ordered as a group, you may find your food comes out in drips and drabs. When visiting Thailand it’s best to leave all expectations at home and learn to go with the flow. Unless you are dining at a high end resort restaurant with food prices to reflect the environment, you’d be wise to be open minded when it comes to food and drink in Thailand. In return, you’ll get to sample truly exquisite food during your stay in Krabi, which is packed full with flavour and aromatic spices. Thai cuisine will take your palette on a journey to places it has never been before.

Markets & Street Food

There are three main types of markets in Krabi. You have the ‘local’ markets, ‘night’ market and also the ‘walking’ markets. For food, rather than clothes and souvenirs, you’ll want to head to either the local or night markets. Visiting markets of any kind has to be one of Thailand’a highlights. You get to mingle with locals, smell the most incredible food and watch in amazement as you observe their unique cooking techniques. Getting caught up in the markets hustle and bustle is all part of the experience too. The added bonus is that all the food is so cheap. It’s also easy to eat as you wonder from stall to stall.


Seafood lovers will be in their element in Krabi. This traditional Thai fishing town seems to have a constant supply of excellent fish and seafood. Restaurant owners along the coastal region take full advantage of what’s available on their doorstep. Freshly caught produce is often added to their daily menu as specials and snapped up by tourists for lunch.

Upscale Restaurants

There are a host of slightly more lavish restaurants along the beaches of Railay and near the blue lagoon. These tend to be a little more expensive than most as they are located in the prime tourist areas, but you won’t mind paying a little extra – the portions are always large and the views are picturesque. As you dine you can appreciate the relaxing ambiance and great music, gazing out across the beautiful clear crystal waters reflecting the sunlight at sunset.